Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's been a Goodyear- My review of my year in running


I start off the year with a goal of 2184 miles for the year. It's my age multiplied by the weeks of the year. If I live to be 90, I'm in BIG trouble. I call it the "Year of the Trail". Whoops.


I am chosen to be a brand ambassador for Reckless Running, an awesome company run by Olympian Anthony Famiglietti and his wife. 

My running is going really well and I'm even running with the fast guys on Sunday. One tells me I could go sub 3:!0 for the marathon. Not wanting to "waste" a BQ, I don't take his advice. Looking back, I wish I had.


First race for the charity team I've started Team Just One Life, a team that raises money for Just One Life. JOL helps women in Israel who are going through a crisis pregnancy. Appropriately, our first race is in Jerusalem. Much needed funds are raised, we meet the staff and some mothers, and take part in an awesome race, The Jerusalem Marathon.

As an added bonus, Knesset member, Rabbi Dov Lipman speaks at the pasta party.

I have the pleasure of running the race with my brother, Eric.


I run my first and, perhaps, last ultra. I love the trails, the challenge and the views, but I like running, not hiking.

Yes, that's blood running down my leg


I meet Eliud Ngeitch, who is in America from Kenya. Very sweet guy. I get to run with him. For him it's an easy run the day before a race. For me it's hold on for my dear life. While in the States, he goes on to win a a few races including a marathon.


Just One Life has it's second race, this one in San Diego. Great team, great city, great time.

As an added bonus, I run a PR in the half-marathon without real training.

I get to meet US Olympians Meb Keflezighi and Alan Culpepper.

Meb might run to win, I run to finish

I start my training for the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA, which will take place in October. I'm shooting for another BQ and hoping to finish in around 3:12. I hate the heat and humidity, but you got to be in it to win it.


See July.


I get to run with Eric again.

Red Sock Friday- The Red Socks on which we agree

With a month to go and my training going well, I get injured. At first, I hope to recover in time for the race, but it's not to be. 2013 is my year without a regular marathon since I ran my first one.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I cross train, avoid putting on weight and do core work. I don't know if I'll BQ in 2014, but if I do, I laid the groundwork for it while injured. On the plus side, I get advice from my hero, Dick Beardsley.


I get back to running with a few of my favorite runners.

Ashi, in his first race (a 5K) and Maayan win age group medals, presented by Mayor Alex Blanco.

Rochie and I run a turkey trot. It's the Ashenfelter 8K, one of my favorite races. She finishes with  a pace of under 10 minutes per mile, which is pretty amazing considering she did no training. I get a PR, going under 7 minutes per mile, the longest distance at which I've run this pace.

A few days later, our club, Passaic and Clifton Running Club (PCRC) puts on men's women's and kid's races for Chaunka. Maayan comes in second among the girls, after which, she is the youngest to run the 5K.


A bunch of the PCRCers get me a new Garmin. I am beyond touched.

Yearly total

For the year, I run 2145.57 miles. For fun, I decide to figure out where I'd end up if I ran that distance from Passaic. Wouldn't you know it? I end up in

Goodyear, AZ

Couldn't have picked a more perfect place 

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